Royal Highland Show 2010 : photos online

The Royal Highland Show was held on the Showground at Ingliston near Edinburgh, over the period 24-27 June 2010.

700+ photos from the first day of the Show can now be viewed and purchased here.

There are photos of the following breeds of sheep in the Royal Highland Show 2010 gallery:

  • Beltex
  • Berrichon du Cher
  • Bleu du Maine
  • Bluefaced Leicester
  • Charollais
  • Hampshire Down
  • Hebridean
  • Jacob
  • Lleyn
  • North Country Cheviot Hill
  • North Country Cheviot
  • Ryeland
  • Scottish Blackface (photo, above)
  • Shetland
  • Suffolk
  • Swaledale
  • Texel

Search hint: if you are looking for shots of a particular breed from the Show, head over to the galleries and enter ‘Highland’ and the breed name in the search box. Then click on the ‘photos’ tab.

eg. ‘Highland Lleyn’ will bring up the Lleyn shots from the Highland Show, ‘Highland Shetland’ will bring up the Shetland shots from that show, etc, etc…

Equine: there are also approx 40 shots from the heavy horse trade turnout (pairs, singles) class, held in the main ring at the end of Day 1.  Photos here.