Oxfordshire County & Thame Show 2010 : photos online

The Oxfordshire County & Thame Show was held at Thame on 31 July 2010. Over 400 photos from the Show can now be viewed and purchasedĀ here.

As usual, most of the photos are from the sheep section; this time around I was also able to take a few shots of the cattle (Holstein), donkeys and alpacas, as well as a few general shots of other displays and events.

Still using my backup camera at this show, as my main one was in for repair after coming a cropper at theĀ Royal Welsh. So the pics are maybe not as detailed in some cases as they might’ve been.

Plenty of sunshine through the day meant tricky conditions for photography at times. The sunshine caused a few other problems too, with a number of cars getting damaged when the stubble caught fire in one of the car parks.

Search hint: if you are looking for shots of a particular breed from the Show, head over to the galleries and enter ‘Thame 2010’ and the breed name in the search box. Then click on the ‘photos’ tab. eg. ‘Thame 2010 Oxford’ will bring up the Oxford Down shots from the Thame Show.