Hi. My name is Rob Cadd.  I’m a photographer with over 30 years experience in total, and have been shooting contemporary photos of livestock for the past six years or so.

I’m based in… well, I’m never entirely sure where I’m based really – some might call it the South Midlands, others might say it’s the northwest part of the South East, and you might even call it the western edge of East Anglia (but that’s stretching it a bit, admittedly).

Anyway, it’s pretty central, so I can get to most parts of the UK without too much trouble, which makes it great for visiting the various County Shows and other local and regional events.

Although I tend to concentrate on the sheep categories at each show, there are also plenty of photos from the other livestock sections, and sometimes the main ring events too.

In avoiding many of the regular posed & trophy-wielding shots, which are usually well covered by the local and farming press and any official event photographers, I’m aiming for a more contemporary selection which I hope depicts the true flavour of each show. At each event, I’m looking to cover the judging of the various breeds in the show rings, as well as capturing a selection of ‘portraits’ of individuals or groups of animals in and amongst the pens & stalls.

For 2015, I am again visiting a range of UK shows, hopefully including a few of the major and lesser-known ones which I haven’t so far managed to attend, or which I haven’t attended for a few years.

Where possible, I’m also trying to incorporate the capture of high quality video footage during my attendance at some events. Not all of this makes it onto the SheepShots website, but, if you need a particular bit of footage (eg. to put on a personal website), let me know your requirements — it’s possible I may have something suitable.

Cheers,  Rob