Royal Welsh Show 2010 : photos online


The Royal Welsh Show was held on the Showground at Builth Wells, over the period 19-22 July 2010. Approx 750 photos from the first two days of the Show can now be viewed and purchased here.

There are photos of the following breeds of sheep, sorted alphabetically by breed, in the Royal Welsh Show 2010 gallery :

  • Badger Face Welsh Mountain (Torddu)
  • Badger Face Welsh Mountain (Torwen)
  • Balwen Welsh Mountain
  • Beltex
  • Berrichon du Cher
  • Beulah Speckled Face
  • Black Welsh Mountain
  • Bluefaced Leicester
  • Border Leicester
  • Brecknock Hill Cheviot
  • Charmoise Hill
  • Charollais
  • Clun Forest
  • Cotswold
  • Dorset Down
  • Dorset Horn / Poll Dorset
  • Easy Care
  • Exmoor Horn
  • Hampshire Down
  • Herdwick
  • Hill Radnor
  • Jacob
  • Kerry Hill
  • Llanwenog
  • Lleyn
  • Lonk
  • Oxford Down
  • Ryeland
  • South Country Cheviot
  • South Wales Mountain
  • Southdown
  • Suffolk
  • Texel
  • Tregaron Welsh Mountain
  • Welsh Mountain (Hill Flock)
  • Welsh Mountain (Pedigree)
  • Welsh Mule

Well over 3000 sheep, including most of the Welsh breeds (obviously!), many of which I’d not had the opportunity to photograph previously.

Conditions were very variable, ranging from hot sunshine on the Monday to pouring rain on the Tuesday, both of which made photography a little challenging. Not to mention my camera giving up the ghost about halfway through Day 1 (the mirror fell off, for those who are interested in the technicalities); luckily, I had a backup, although this was in the car, parked in a field on the outskirts of the town. So, by the time I’d caught the shuttle bus (excellent, by the way) there and back, I’d missed about 90 minutes of Day 1 ‘action’.

Anyway, the camera was repaired for free (it’s a known ‘phenomenon’ according to Canon) and is now back in service.

Search hint: if you are looking for shots of a particular breed from the Show, head over to the galleries and enter ‘Royal Welsh’ and the breed name in the search box. Then click on the ‘photos’ tab. eg. ‘Royal Welsh Lleyn’ will bring up the Lleyn shots from the Royal Welsh Show, ‘Royal Welsh Beulah’ will bring up the Beulah shots from that show, etc, etc… (this works most of the time, but not always)