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Aberystwyth & Ceredigion County Show 2013 Sioe Aberystwyth a Sir Ceredigion

I was glad to pay a return visit to this lovely show.

The Aberystwyth & Ceredigion County Show 2013 was back again in the beautiful setting of Gaeau Gelli Angharad, Capel Bangor, near Aberystwyth, on 08 June 2013.

Photos from the Show can now be viewed and purchased in the Aberystwyth & Ceredigion County Show 2013 gallery

In complete contrast to last year when the Show had to be cancelled due to the dire weather, this year the weather was beautiful.  Congratulations to all involved in organising the 2013 Show.

The gallery contains photos from the sheep, equine (eg. heavy horses, and some others), and a few from the cattle section.

[ZFP_Photo id=’#h6bb030be’]