Newark & Nottinghamshire County Show 2011 : photos online

Well, here we go again! It’s the start of another show season (for Yours Truly, at least), and, just like last year, my first trip of the season was over to Newark for the first day of their two-day show, held over the weekend of 14/15 May 2011.

Thankfully, the weather was much improved over the Saturday in 2010, when it seemed to rain nearly all day and I’d had to fabricate a little rain jacket for my camera in order to carry on shooting! This time round there were plenty of sunny spells during the main part of the day, with only a very few light showers.

There are now approx 900 photos in the galleries from that day, and — this being SheepShots — most are from the sheep section. In the rare lulls in sheep activity, I wandered next door to the pigs, and along to the cattle to grab a few shots there too.

There are photos, in alphabetical breed order, of the following sheep breeds in the Newark Show 2011 gallery :

  • Beltex
  • Berrichon du Cher
  • Charmoise
  • Charollais
  • Galway
  • Hampshire Down
  • Jacob
  • Kerry Hill
  • Leicester Longwool
  • Lincoln Longwool
  • Poll Dorset
  • Southdown
  • Suffolk
  • Teeswater
  • Texel

Pigs included in the galleries are the Berkshire, British Saddleback, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Middle White, Oxford Sandy & Black and Tamworths. Cattle are mainly Simmental.